Drug Charges in Idaho

Drug Charges in Idaho: What You Need to Know

In Idaho, drug offenses are classified as misdemeanors or felonies. A misdemeanor offense is a less serious crime than a felony and is punishable by up to one year in jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000. Felony offenses are more serious and typically involve penalties of more than one year in prison and fines of more than $1,000. Furthermore, judges can impose additional penalties such as community service or restitution for any conviction. Therefore, understanding the difference between drug possession and drug trafficking charges is an important part of navigating Idaho’s criminal justice system. 

Drug Possession Charges In Idaho

In Idaho, it is unlawful for anyone to possess any controlled substance without a valid prescription from a licensed physician. This includes marijuana and other drugs such as methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy (MDMA), LSD, PCP, ketamine, GHB and many others. Depending on the type of drug possessed, the amount possessed and whether there was an intent to distribute (sell) the drugs; an individual may be charged with either a misdemeanor or felony offense. A conviction for drug possession can result in significant jail time depending on the classification of the offense. 

Drug Trafficking Charges In Idaho

Drug trafficking involves knowingly selling or delivering drugs or possessing them with intent to sell or deliver them. In Idaho it is illegal to manufacture (make), distribute (sell) or possess with intent to distribute any controlled substance including marijuana and other illegal drugs listed above. Drug traffickers can face significant jail time if convicted; however, sentences can vary greatly depending on the type of controlled substance involved and the amount possessed at the time of arrest. Additionally, those convicted may be subject to enhanced sentencing if they have prior convictions for similar offenses. 

At The Williams Law Group we have extensive experience defending clients against drug charges throughout all stages of proceedings from initial arrest through final disposition. Our attorneys understand that every case presents unique challenges and will work diligently to ensure our client’s rights are protected throughout their case. If you have been charged with a drug-related crime in Idaho contact us today for a free consultation about your legal options!

  • Mar 06, 2023