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About Williams Law Group

Idaho Business and Bankruptcy Attorney

A boutique law firm specializing in business law, bankruptcy, social security/disability claims, and criminal law.

Areas of Practice

Representing the Financial Interests of Idahoans


We specialize in individual Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Law in Idaho as well as Small Business Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, navigating difficult times in a simple way. 

Business Law

We eliminate the burden of regulation and legal complexities that put pressure on Idaho businesses, so you can get to work while we take care of the rest.”

Criminal Law

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. At WLG, we specialize in fighting for your rights, defending your freedom, and working towards resolving your criminal matter as quickly as possible.


Administrative Law

Filing claims for social security and disability benefits can be confusing and difficult – there’s so much paperwork to fill out. We take the headache out of filing your claim and streamline the process. We have the knowledge and skill to handle your initial claim, all the way through any appeals you may need.